Visiting Saltcoats

If this is your first time in Saltcoats, there’s one thing to be sure – visiting this small Scotland town can be a journey to remember. With its long history and mesmerizing destinations, Saltcoats has a lot to offer. However, if you are only passing by, think again – there are wonderful destinations that you shouldn’t miss.

The name “Saltcoats” derives from the town’s earliest industry when people harvested salt from the deepest coastal waters in British isles. The salt was then carried out in small cottages on the shore and prepared for further processing. We should also mention that Saltcoats is a town where Betsy Miller, the only woman in history to be a registered captain of the ship, was born. If you find it intriguing, be sure to check out the Quay Street, which is known as the home of Betsy Miller and Girl Power. Captaining the ship with a 14-man crew was a difficult job back then, especially in stormy weather, so the name Betsy Miller is quite popular among the townspeople. With around 12,000 citizens today, it is a very peaceful destination, ideal for vacation and sightseeing.

If you are interested in finding out more about the town’s history, you should check out the Saltcoats Town Trail. Starting at the North Ayrshire Musem, Saltcoats Town Trail takes about 1 hour of an exciting detour, allowing you to see the most popular town’s attractions. However, don’t skip the museum – you will learn a lot of interesting stuff, such as what the pictures on a Saltcoat’s crest mean.

Another tourist attraction that you should see is Saltcoat’s graveyard. You will notice that some headstones have skulls and crossbones, which might remind of the pirate era. However, don’t be afraid – it has nothing to do with pirates. In the past, people used these carvings as signs of death, and they are very common in that area. You will also see that some headstones are made as Obelisks.

Among all the attractions, one of the most appealing is the Witch’s Grave. It’s a very famous grave where Sarah Vincent was buried in the 17th century. She was known as the last witch to be executed in the Saltcoats. It has been worn away by the weather, but it’s still an amazing place to see.

You are especially lucky if you happen to be in Saltcoats on Wednesday or Saturday! Because of the tradition that goes back to the medieval times, the town’s car-park is transformed into Saltcoat’s open-air market. The streets are full of local people, and the atmosphere is the same as it was many centuries ago. Also, you might want to do a bit of shopping and find interesting items on discount!

If you plan to visit Saltcoats, you should set some time aside to visit its astonishing attractions. Since it might require plenty of walking and roaming, all you have to do is call our taxi service. We will help you effortlessly enrich your cultural knowledge and enjoy the stay!